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We wanted this to be a place for some of the more unusual pieces that Eric makes other than dolls and gollies the plan is to have different toys on show as and when they become available.
Some of these may be work in progress but we hope it will be an interesting insight into how Eric works on the creations he has been making for 37 years.



The guardsman is 17 inches high including his bearskin we have named him Jack he is entirely made from wood with a carved face and body with a wooden rifle.

Price £230

The Toys at the Zoo

It is 1945 the war is over and toys visit the zoo for an elephant ride as a celebratory treat. Two of the girls are dressed in frocks using reprinted designs on silk and cotton from authentic victory crepe de chine material and even the elephant has a union jack on his back underneath the red and gold howdah.

This set comprises of:

Elephant (7” high from base and 9” long) with detachable howdah
1 x2” Doll 2 x 4” Dolls 1 x 5” Doll
1 x 3” golly 1 x 5” Golly 1 x carved wooden zoo keeper.

Price £450