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Order Form
Adobe Reader Download

Here you will find a downloadable version (click the image on the left) of our order form, it is in Adobe PDF format so you will have to download Adobe Reader, (if you havent already got it installed) by clicking the link below.

Once you have downloaded it to your computer, you can fill it out from within the reader software and print it off. I'm sorry but you cant save a copy
(a limitation of the software, some sort of security issue!) so once you've started to fill it in you have to finish and print it off all in one go!

Ordering Information


As you will have seen on the Welcome screen, we have a new way of ordering Eric's Dolls through PayPal, If you already have a PayPal account, you probably wont need any help, but if you do or you've never purchased anything online or never used PayPal to do so, we have a tutorial that may help, please click here.

If you are a UK customer and would like to order our collectables through the post, you can print of the order form below, enclosing a cheque with your order. We've redesigned the form, so it doesn't include a credit card details section as this now is handled by PayPal.