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Welcome to Eric Horne's Website


Please accept our apologies regarding our previous message which we believe has been confusing customers.


Eric was 82 this year, so I hope you understand that he wants to take it a bit easier, he is not taking orders from now on, what he wants to do is just have a smaller selection of dolls on our website, than previously. Customers will be able to click on what they would like, and then be able to see if it is in stock. But no orders will be taken for out of stock items.

Eric is still hoping to make a few 'one off's' as and when he can, but he is making some dolls at the moment and when he has enough, they will be made available through our website, we hope this makes it a little clearer.


About Eric

Eric Horne was born in Cornwall and has been making collectors toys since 1975 in his workshop at Topsham.

He works mainly in hard woods, which are first turned on the lathe, and finished with fine detailed painting to give a range of high quality collectable toys which have proved very popular on both sides of the Atlantic a good example of “hands across the sea”.
Eric has from time to time made dolls and toys for television and West End theatre productions. Two of his larger dolls made a brief appearance in Miss Potter, the dolls were in the dollshouse in The Tale of Two Bad Mice.

Eric has also made several dolls for the Educational side of the “Victoria Revealed” exhibition at Kensington Palace.

The first dolls made, were copies of three of Queen Victoria’s childhood dolls, a joint effort with Christine making the costumes. These have enabled visitors to have a better idea of how the dolls were made without handling the originals.

Dolls and Gollies